Saturday, July 13, 2013

JLC Turns Two!

Credit: Nat Geo
(I won't be here to update on July 15, so I'm a bit early!)

Once again, my heartfelt thanks go out to each and every person who clicked here over the past 363 days.

This past year's been full of ups and downs, as #phdlife in start-ups often is. Blogging keeps me both excited about and engaged in science communication...and provides a welcome respite when things at work get too crazy. 

Of note, 2013 has seen an explosion in new chemblogging talentI'm stoked to watch our combined efforts start to get real recognition in the wider world and in the general public.

Salient Factoids from Year 2:
(Year 1 recap)

Pageviews: 276,000+
Posts: 218
Total Tweets (ongoing): 11,700+
Blog Carnivals (7): #ChemSummer and #FoodChem (hosted by CENtral Science), #KCNBirthday (hosted by BRSM), #ChemCoach#ChemMovieCarnival, #BRSMBlogParty, #RealTimeChem

Podcasts: 14 (Thanks to Matt, CJ, Dr. Rb, Ethan, and Deb!)
Stu, you're in the queue...

Elsewhere: Blog Syn (5), The Haystack (2), Chemistry Blog (2), 
Chemjobber (1), Sceptical Chymist (2)
(*July 2012 - July 2013. Want a guest post, or want to guest post? Email me at seearroh_AT_gmail_DOT_com)

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  1. No one ever comments much on your blog, unless its about chemophobia or WWWTP etc, but awesome blog! Thank you for all your great posts. I always come here first, 90% for your posts, 10% for your very handy blog roll.

    P.S.- I always like your posts about actual science like that recent one about oxidation reactions, even though I'm not a chemist.

  2. like anon7:29, i find the blogroll incredibly convenient for checking when CJ, derek et al. have updated and come here first. i've never been a bookmark or RSS guy

    however i, too, would still be a regular visitor without it. keep on truckin