Thursday, July 25, 2013

Friday Fun: Say Cheese!

What's happened to chemistry group pictures?

Back in my Stone-Age grad school days, everyone hated taking the annual group picture. I had to harp, cajole, twist arms, and generally push my entire group out the door yearly just so we could record ourselves for posterity. 

Perhaps it was the poor resolution of the 35-mm film, or certain scientists' natural aversion to daily showering and grooming? I'll never know.

Well, good-by old, disposable cameras, and hello Photoshop:

(Inspired by Twilight movie poster)
This gem, from the McIntosh group at U. Arkansas, obviously took some time and effort! 

Or how about the latest from the M.C. White group at Illinois?

I did not know that the Terminator and Chuck Norris worked in synthetic chemistry!
OK, if production-quality pictures aren't your thing, how about something more...subtle?
Like an all-plaid group shot, perhaps?

 (Thanks, Reisman group!)

Maybe you're reading this thinking "What a giant waste of time!" Well, maybe it's not advancing the science, but I'm sure it's really fun to be a part of, and helps morale during a long lab campaign.

Readers, I'm only really familiar with synthetic groups...anyone else take wacky group pictures?
Let me know in the Comments!

Update, 7/25/13 - Lots of people writing in! Here's some more excellent pics...
The "Usain Bolt" pose. Turnbull / Webb labs, U. Leeds, UK (Thanks, Tom / Mike!)

Wolczanski Group, Cornell (thanks, Anon)

Gamelin Group, U. Washington-Seattle (thanks, Anon)
The "1908" picture, Johnson Lab, Yale, 2008 (thanks, Jenny!)
Update 7/26/13:

Boone Lab, U. Toronto (thanks, Ben!)

Chaplin Group, U. Warwick (thanks, Dr. Jess!)
Spelling "OHIO" with the Mattson group, OSU
The Jungwirth Group harks back to the Roaring '80s

More to come...Stay tuned!


  1. I am impressed with the McIntosh group picture!

    Dan Gamelin (U Washington) does work with quantum dots and always has a picture with his students wearing a spectrum of colors (make sure you hover over the picture):

  2. My favorite is the Wolczanski group, wearing hoodies standing by the building's dumpsters.

  3. The Turnbull group has a thing for doing the Usain "Lightning" Bolt pose. Had a couple over the last few years that have suffered due to none sports fans completely not understanding what to do.

  4. The Sarpong group has a serious picture and then different poses when you hover your mouse over

  5. That White group picture is quite dated, but I don't think she's updated that part of her site for a while. The posters for "come to a meeting and let us charm you into joining the White group" are even better! The last one I saw had a murder theme, with "KILL DELTA G" emblazoned across the top and blood dripping from the double dagger.

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