Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Fun: Chemistry Gobbledegook

Some kind soul pointed me in the direction of the University of Chicago's Random Academic Sentence Generator. Never tried it? You pick important-sounding verbal albatrosses from four drop-down boxes, and out pops a perfectly stuffy, albeit meaningless, sentence:
"The logic of normative value(s) clarifies the position of the fantasy of the image."
"The poetics of civil society opens a space for the discourse of power/knowledge." 
Fun to play with, and feels uncomfortably similar to the nonsense Mathgen paper from last year, or the CompSci one from 2005.

I scoured the internet for similar chemistry-themed jargon games, and here's what I've found:

Novel recycled packing material, or avant-garde nonsense generator?
ScienceGeek Educational Jargon Generator
Generate short bursts of jargon-ese

Scratch MIT Project
Buggy, a bit tough to load and use

Nonsense Generator
A bit too far out for my tastes...

Challenge - Readers, I'm hardly competent at programming, but I would love to see an engine that specifically generates random chemistry snippets. Y'know, push a button, and end up with: "The ab initio organometallic calculations support system kinetics for delivery vectors." Or some such ilk...
Any takers?

Happy Friday!


  1. Just add 'the X is due to a delicate balance of steric and electronic factors" where X is almost anything in chemistry.

    As my organomettalic prof pointed out, you see this in papers a lot, and it sounds really clever at first, and then you realize that the only factors that influence molecular shape are steric and electronic factors, so saying the two of those are involved doesn't actually say anything....

    1. I would be most amused if the random chem generator accepted inputs, and always spit back "It's sterics and electronics"

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