Thursday, July 11, 2013

CNN: Revisionist History

Something's missing.

Remember that post I wrote yesterday, impugning CNN's Chart health blog for their casual use of the word "chemical" to describe certain sweeteners?

Well, they certainly fixed it for all mentions of the word chemical are scrubbed out!

Luckily, nothing ever truly dies on the Internet, so I present to you two versions of the same article, from consecutive days:

Click to embiggen
Caveat lector - If this approach of editing sans Correction notice happens on a little blog post, think of the fluidity with which the parent organization can report the news.


  1. Well played, sir.

  2. I give you full credit for affecting change here. Kudos.

    As to the magically disappearing words, does CNN have an ombudsman? This is clearly ombudsman territory.

    1. I know others pointed it out too. I give them shared full credit as well.