Saturday, April 27, 2013

#ChemMovieCarnival: Closing Credits

Missed 'em? See Day 1, Day 2, or Day 3!

[Cut! That's a Wrap]

The sun's setting on the final day of filming. Champagne flutes float around, and cast and crew celebrate another one "in the can." Who wants to help strike our #ChemMovieCarnival set?

24. Over at Chemtips, Brandon accidentally spills some "Hollywood Acid" on the floor, and watches as it eats all the way into the basement. Beware the Dip! Seriously, though, he give great advice on handling and care when using straight HF. Bonus points for using an Adult Swim cartoon clip to prove a scientific premise.
Movie: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
TV Shows: Breaking Bad, Robot Chicken

25. In a valiant second effort, Vittorio tells us more about his favorite crime procedural, NCSI. They apparently have a super-cool mass spectrometer capable of labeling individual components - despite them occurring at the wrong masses. "Non-Chemist Ion Spectrometer," indeed!

26. Speaking of wonder instruments, Jim emailed me a fantastic guest post about James Bond doing drug discovery. In the rain forest. With a "portable GC." Cure for cancer sure to follow...
Movie: Medicine Man

27. ChemBark sends over a favorite clip of Martin Sheen acting presidential, and apparently pulling a one-liner out of his hat for...table salt (N-A-C-L, CJ). Kary Mullis, for the record, was probably LOTS of fun to sit next to, if Paul's memory serves.
TV Show: The West Wing

27a. ChemBark bonus - A show forever welcome on this blog, where an English a French starship captain confesses he flunked O-Chem.
TV Show: Star Trek:TNG

[Update, 4/28] 28. Jeez, Vinylogous! The door had nearly shut, and you had to go post this gem from a long-running NBC sitcom about a struggling paper company. Bonus: eyewash humor!
TV Show: The Office

Thanks to everyone who made this a great carnival! 
As they say, see you at the movies (hopefully with a better scientific advisor).