Thursday, December 20, 2012

John Kuhn: NFL Chemist

Meet John Kuhn, age 30. Two-time Super Bowl Champion (XL, XLV). Pro-Bowler (2011). Former Pittsburgh Steeler, now Green Bay Packer. And...a chemist.

Source: ShipNewsNow
Wow, if only I had known when #ChemCoach was going on!

Apparently, while at Shippensburg College, Mr. Kuhn not only majored in chemistry (GPA 3.29) but had a variety of internships with Johnson & Johnson and the PA D.E.P.

Here's a few quotes from a 2011 Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article:
"A lot of people don't know I was a chemistry major in college. It was kind of tough, but at the same time I really enjoy science and math. I just kind of stuck it out in college and got my degree in it. . . . I worked a couple of internships, including one with Johnson & Johnson. I'm fairly certain they would have offered me a job if football wouldn't have worked out."
"It was pretty tough but it's something that I enjoyed. When you enjoy something, it makes it easy to do the work."
I'm absolutely floored that I haven't heard about this earlier. Kudos to CoulombicExplosion and Alex Goldberg for the initial tip-off!


  1. Heh, so this is what became of my Twitter rant. Funny!

  2. Not bad, but he is no Knute Rockne.

  3. The next time I hear green bay fans yell "KUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!" I will think of chemistry :)

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