Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Secret Life of...Chemists?

A friendly link on Twitter led me to Neil deGrasse Tyson's profile page at NOVA's "The Secret Life of Scientists & Engineers" (Tagline: Where the lab coats come off). I'll admit I haven't visited much before, but I believe it's a PBS web series devoted to public outreach through personal conversations with scientists.
Noticing the ~40 or so other smart folks in the left-hand margin, I wondered whether NOVA had yet profiled any personable chemists. Alas, far as I can tell, not a single chemist* appears on their site; there's a "nanoscientist," a "DNA Scientist," and a "biochemist," but no synthesis, polymers, or catalysts in sight!

Luckily, commenters to the rescue: A request for nominations on the site has drawn >100 comments, and I see at least 25 people clamoring for chemists.

If you know a chemist with a hidden talent, please consider sending in their name.

*Never fear, they've already profiled plenty of physicists, neuroscientists, climate scientists, astronomers, and psychologists. Some disciplines just promote themselves better.


  1. I heard about this because Maria Klawe, the president of my undergrad institution was on it. I definitely hope they add more chemists.

  2. What!? A biochemist isn't a chemist? Says who?

    A biochemist
    (A grad student -- graduating in one month!)

    1. Good luck on the defense...kill that snake!

      Biochemists are certainly chemically-inclined, but I'd also like to see a synthetic organic, med-chem, or polymer person on there. Fuel cells, metathesis, anyone? Bueller?

  3. My life is so secret even I haven't found it yet.