Monday, April 22, 2013

#ChemMovieCarnival: Act Three

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The directors are directing, the editors editing, the key grips gripping, supporting actors supporting, and the best boy...well, whatever he does, he's doing!

17. John of It's the Rheo Thing recaps the extra-fun chemical err....duplicity, in a movie by the same name. Honestly, this might be the first silicone-meets-Hollywood post that doesn't revolve around typical body modifications (it's a hair gel, folks). Bonus points for an accurate assessment of acting talents.
Film: Duplicity

18. For a post where she's (allegedly) avoiding discussing chemistry (or physics!), Renee really captures the teen angst vs. science teacher influence angle. Not to dis Jena Malone, but antiseptics are more than just fancy soap.
Film: Donnie Darko

19. Chemically Cultured primes our minds to the existence of hardtofindium, dalekanium, dilithium, and the new vogue fake element, unobtainum. Tom, I'd really like a copy of that poster!
Films: Avatar, Star Trek, Star Wars, The Core

20. Smells like three things in this post: burning thermite, methylamine, and the start of #RealTimeChem week! At Chemistry Blog, Mark lets the sparks fly, but doesn't seem to have perfected Walter White's lock-picking technique yet.
TV Show: Breaking Bad

21. New blog alert! Tien, of Must Love Science, covers the *cough* physics *cough* of a well-loved SciFi epic. Simulated gravity? There must be an extra-large chunk of dark matter outside each ship, no?
TV Show: Battlestar Galactica

22. Next, another Chemistry Blog stalwart discusses chemistry moments cropping up in his favorite crime drama. Azmanam's doppelganger (Dr. Spencer Reid) encounters some interesting cases, like that one where the bad guy dunks his victims in methanol to preserve their scent. (Bleargh!).
Also, plywood!
TV Show: Criminal Minds

23. Curt wrote this excellent entry, and he writes a pretty good blog, too: Minglingken, Mixing Knowledge. In this post, we have Russell Crowe, a good-guy whistleblowing biochemist, up against the wall of Big Tobacco. I never knew coumarin was used in cigarettes...
Movie: The Insider

Honorable Mentions: Vittorio and Gavin Armstrong sent along these "science-y" pictures from various forensic TV shows:

Assuredly not poly(vinyl acetate)
Show: Dexter
Hey, look, it's nitrogen! At least it's not chicken soup this time...
Show: NCIS
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Update 4/22/13 - Added minglingken entry; assigned authorship to Curt (thanks!)