Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Buck Wild

Sometimes, posts just fall in your lap.

An enthused reader sent along the link for the latest MIT Chemformation newsletter. Standard stuff, really: announced awards, funded grants, some recent paper abstracts. But the 'diamond in the rough' popped up on Page 3, where one Prof. Stephen "BUCK WILD" Buchwald hung out with MIT undergrads for a ClubChem-sponsored dinner.

Credit: MIT Dept. of Chemistry
When we last saw Prof. Buchwald on Just Like Cooking, he was dressed up like a skeleton to hand out Halloween candy. In this edition, we learn even more about the man behind the mask:
"...students engaged Prof. Buchwald in an informal discussion that focussed [sic] on his enthusiasm for the Indiana University Hoosiers, his love for mystery novels..."
"Professor Buchwald['s]...daily jokes and spontaneous operatic singing made lectures a real treat."
College sports? Comedy? Opera? All with a dash of catalysis on the side, no doubt.

(I have to meet this guy someday)


  1. I saw him give a talk a few months back; he was at a symposium where Dave MacMillan was in the audience (and a subsequent presenter) and it was hilarious. The not-so-subtle jabs between the two made the talks just a pleasure to see. Would love to have dinner with the two of them.

  2. *And* he apparently gives students a month's vacation. How cooler can a chemistry professor get?