Friday, April 5, 2013

Blog Carnival: Chemistry at the Movies

Ready to give your Oscar speech?
"Do you like apples?"
I just deduced the (incorrect) structure of ibogamine
on a napkin without using a spectrometer.
How do you like those apples?

Dust off the black-tie evening wear and rent that limo, because in two weeks we'll be hosting another blog carnival, called "Chemistry at the Movies." 

Why the theme?* A few weeks back, Dr. Rubidium, CJ, and I recorded a podcast which dove into our favorite chemistry-inspired movie moments. We quickly realized that there were simply too many to recount, and we should encourage a wider audience to play along.

We'll schedule the posts to appear in ~2 weeks (4/15-4/19), which will provide a good warm-up to get excited for #RealTimeChem week (4/22). 

Ground Rules:

1. The 'chemistry moment' should come from an actual movie or other recording (TV, YouTube, etc). No magazine ads, books, or Internet memes this time around.

2. Please try to write something new; no fair recycling an old post from another carnival. 

3. Whenever possible, use visuals: pictures, diagrams, structures, or short clips are encouraged. If you want to stage a re-enactment of a famous movie scene, I won't stop you...

When you're done, you can either post on your blog and I'll link to it (preferred), or I'll take entries by email (seearroh_AT_gmail_DOT_com) and post them on Just Like Cooking. If you've posted something, send me a line at @seearroh or use the hashtag #ChemMovieCarnival.

Anyone interested in chemistry and writing can participate. We want to hear from new bloggers and old salts alike. 

See you at the movies!

*On a sadder note, the carnival also serves to commemorate the passing of long-time film critic Roger Ebert, who died yesterday at age 70. RIP


  1. I'm calling dibs on the movie "The Saint" and cold-fusion.

    1. "Chain Reaction" is far superior to "The Saint" vis-a-vis cold fusion. Plus that's not even the best Val Kilmer movie to pick.

    2. "Chain Reaction" was a good one; but "The Saint" (in all it's cheesy goodness) makes my list of top 100 movies of all time.

  2. Wow this is such an awesome idea! Great idea, linking in with #realtimechem :)

    My initial thought was The Rock for its bright green VX gas but I have decided against that. I will get my thinking cap on and get writing though.


  3. Something I saw once, 12 years ago:

    Medicine Man with Sean Connery. They haul a GC-MS through the Amazon jungle (on the back of a mule) put a sample in (where does the carrier gas come from?) and out pops a hideously complex structure (from MS?): think Brevetoxin times 5. The scientist running it looks at the structure and says "Its an acid". Not sure what happens next: I switched off.

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