Saturday, January 26, 2013

WWWTP? MedChemComm Edition

E tu, Pfizer? Sheesh.
Modified from MedChemComm, 2013
Blogosphere buds Chemjobber and Organometallica took turns finding "eccentricities" in a recent MedChemComm cartoon abstract (right). OK, I get it, a hilarious cartoon of the liver as a ravenous monster, chewing up your precious drug leads...

But look closer: What on Earth is up with that structure? As CJ / OM pointed out, we've got chain breaks, Texas carbons, neutral four-coordinate amines, floating atoms, the works!

Now, this review looks to have been scribed by some heavy hitters - two Pfizer PK folks, and two medicinal chemists. Worse still? Both med chemists are from top-flight groups (Nicolaou and Corey), and I've profiled one of 'em over at my place.

So, caveat auctor - If you're listed as part of a multi-author review, always check it over* before someone else submits it! "Only YOU Can Prevent Unwanted Blogosphere Satire."

*And chemists, don't let non-chemists draw molecules for you, especially if they end up in scientific papers!

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