Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Dr. Sonja Krane, Managing Editor at JACS, contacted me to encourage dialogue with the authors of the Fe-S redox catalysis paper. In the interest of full disclosure, I've reprinted my email to the lead author, and I will re-post any response I receive.

Dear Prof. Nguyen:

Good afternoon. My name is See Arr Oh (a pseudonym), and I write a chemistry blog called Just Like Cooking. I've posted about one of your recent publications in JACS ASAP:

Another chemist at Princeton graciously offered to repeat one of your reactions (Table 2, entry 2), and could not duplicate your group's yield or purity. Further discussion can be found in the comments section of the second post. Additionally several other members of the chemistry community have expressed an interest in running it themselves, with the intention of aggregating data under the Twitter hashtag #RealTimeChem.

Please share some more information - do you have any hints or tips for successful duplication? 

Thank you in advance,
See Arr Oh

Cross your fingers!


  1. So, I am guessing there hasn't been any responses yet?

    1. You would have guessed correctly. Although, there seems to be an impassioned plea of support on the main comments page; perhaps the authors saw us after all!