Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bytesize Science: Day-Glo Tour

Glass-lined reactors? Particle dispersion? 'Blaze' Orange? Soft jazz?
Count me in!

Bytesize Science, an outreach offshoot of the ACS, produced this video, which takes you on a 7-minute tour of the brightly-colored Cleveland-based Day-Glo corp (Slogan: "Color. Only Better.")

If you've ever wondered why process chemists need to consult with plant engineers about "pipes and tubes" all the time, this video will clear that right up. My favorite quote (6:40), which takes place in front of a 5,000-gallon reactor:
"Y'know, the dye industry isn't like the pharmaceutical industry [where] everything has to be pure and cutting-edge. We need a pot, and we need to heat it." 
Have a look, and let the ACS know what you think!

Credit due to Reddit Chemistry, where I first saw this posted.

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