Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Fun: WWWTP? CAS Stock Photo

OK, Chemical Abstracts Service, here's where I get stabby...

c. 2012, Chemical Abstracts Service

I clipped this well-meaning low-res stock photo out of a SciFinder help page. First off, what's with the incomplete PPE? Don't you suppose this enthusiastic young lady analyzes (urine?) whilst wearing gloves? She looks like she's selling glassware, BTW...I've never shown off my products quite like that.

And who are the MBA-types posing on the periphery? If they're admiring the benchwork, they should have goggles at the least! Methinks this may have been photoshopped from a med school recruiting website, perhaps?

CAS, you're part of the largest scientific society on the planet. How's about an accurate picture?


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