Thursday, June 20, 2013

Something Different


  1. I've done several Google hangouts/video podcasts/I don't know what to call them. I decided yesterday that I'm going to make it a podcast with episodes every other week. Would love to have you on some time.

    The main theme I'm doing is recent science news that's interesting followed by discussion of a specific science related topic.

    This isn't anywhere near the response you asked for, but it's the response I'm giving.

  2. I'm pro podcast. I've enjoyed your discussions with Chemjobber. Perhaps more interviews and dialogue with CJ and others?

  3. I'm for it, by the way. If you do this please consider iTunes.

  4. I'd be all for it. Sounds like fun (what was that in the background, anyway?)

  5. I say go for it ... but my one suggestion for your sanity (and your readers/listeners ... keep most of 'em short if you're going to be doing them once a week)

    1. Honestly? I was thinking 30 seconds each time. If I can't relay what I want to in the same amount of time as a TV commercial, I'm not doing it right!

  6. Go for it! Sounded a bit like the theme tune to "Wacky Races" in the background, but probably wasn't.