Thursday, June 27, 2013

Get it Funded! (A Game)

Last night, intrepid C&EN reporter Dr. Dre, err, Dr. Drahl, sent over another challenge from NOS2013:

Let's reword that: How will changes in funding affect total synthesis, the study of assembling complex natural products from simple commercial chemicals?

Now, this isn't the first time folks have declared the synthetic field to be on death's door. Hardly. So, I answered the way I always do, which has kept the field alive and kicking long past Woodward:

Chemjobber, always one for a savvy one-liner, immediately jumped on board:

Nyuk nyuk nyuk. OK, wise guy, I've got a few more, then . . .

"Reversible carbon dioxide capture using lycopodium alkaloid analogs"

"Pentacene-functionalized steroids for solar panels"

"Origin of Life: The Gliotoxin Hypothesis"

"Analysis of 10^5 novel secondary metabolites in the human gut microbiome"

OK, Readers, I'm sure you can do better. Leave me some gut-shakers and knee-slappers in the comments section!


  1. Dress up chemistry eh?

    How's this for starters?

    1. Very nice. Mayhaps I could wear this and borrow Neil dGT's starry vest to go with?

  2. Bodipy-functionalised omphadiol is a highly selective Cadmium sensor.

  3. Single-molecule nanocapsules formed by photochemical tetramerization of synthetic amphotericin B derivatives.

    Photochemical water electrolysis using a covalent chlorophyll-BOBIPY-gambierol conjugate.

    Preparation of single-molecule nanoparticles using epoxydeoxycholesterol-templated vesicles contg. bistriphenylene polyalkynes.

  4. Atmospheric sequestration of CO2 by assembly of commercially available building blocks into amphotericin B

  5. A Biology-Free Biosynthesis of Thiostrepton Employing Only Chemical Reagents