Thursday, June 13, 2013

Killer Schwag from ACS

I feel like I've seen a snow leopard, a yeti, a dodo bird, Bigfoot, and a giant squid simultaneously.

This piece de resistance arrived by first-class mail today. Behold, the elusive ACS Five Year Mug:

Oh. My. Gosh. 

I am grateful to whomever at ACS / C&EN heard my griping a few weeks ago:
Kudos to ACS for quickly addressing the situation. Now, about those next 8 elements...*

*Seriously, ACS, I would be most willing to build a periodic table of mugs. I promise to stay alive / renew membership at least long enough to get to the transition metals. For an extra goof, you could send me a "tin cup" on my 50th Anniversary (Sn). 


  1. I have been a member for 17 years. All I have ever gotten is the 15 year phosphorous card. Pretty lame. I have seen plenty of other anniversary gifts floating around here, but I never seem to get them.

    I am definitely in favor of building the periodic table through years of membership. Doesn't even need to be mugs. They could just send you an element pin each year.

  2. I've never gotten any ACS mugs! Maybe I should start using twitter....

  3. I keep getting the crummy, plastic water bottles! I'm the only person I know who gets them instead of the mugs. I've even called to request getting mugs instead, and they told me it was a random selection of who gets what.

  4. This week I received the 6th anniversary "Carbon Mug". I really thought they did not exist.