Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Wordle Challenge

BRSM wrote a fun post today analyzing my blog's content using Wordle, an infotainment app for gauging word frequency (really? Really.)

I thought I'd extend the concept a bit, and turn Wordle loose on some unsuspecting academics. Below, I've shown five graphics culled from the "Publications" page of five well-known synthetic organic chemists - minus a few* common words.

I've removed the main author's name from each, but can you still guess who they are?

Entry 1
Entry 2

Entry 3

Entry 4
Entry 5
Leave a guess in the comments...if you dare!

*Supporting Information, Chem, Author name, pdf


  1. 1 PSB
    2 dunno
    3 dunno
    4 dunno
    5 Jacobsen

  2. 2's gotta be the one and only SED!
    4 = Stoltz....? I think. Maybe.

    Anon. defo right about 1 and 5 I reckon!

    3... not a clue. Sorry, Author.

  3. You guys are too good! Right on #1,2,4, and 5. Three takes a little bit more elbow grease...perhaps "Hirschmann" and "Lett" give him away?

  4. #3 ABS (after some retro-wordle analysis aka google cheating)