Saturday, October 20, 2012

Picture Book: Fall

Thus ends the first week where, Chemjobber-style, I tried to write at least one post per day. Thought I might reward myself with a pictorial post. I'm not the world's premier photographer, so bear with me...

Hard to tell from the photo, but this is about 6" tall!
Familiar to anyone?
Train station: a "grey-dient" runs L to R. 
Triple helix banister
Dichloromethane: slow evaporation, humid room
Huzzah! I've solved the liquid helium shortage.
Every food should appeal to consumers this way.


  1. Well done! I can't imagine doing more than two posts a week, let alone seven. Aside from time, I just don't have the ideas. Keeping coming!

  2. Was there a Linus Pauling statue next to the triple helix thing?

    1. No, but that kinda material will get you onto Late Night any day now : )

  3. I think your fungus is a common ink cap. If it is, then its common name is Tippler's Bane since eating one and drinking alcohol is a bad idea. It has something in it which knacks your ability to process ethanol effectively, though the effect isn't permanent.