Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chemistry Bumper Cars - Bertrand Edition

A little birdie has written to tell me of another fairly high-profile move - Prof. Guy Bertrand, formerly of UC-Riverside, seems to have moved to UC-San Diego* as early as June 2012.

Not familiar? His research covers main group complexes of phosphorus and boron, metathesis, gold catalysis, and some really neat takes on the N-heterocyclic carbene ligand framework (P.S. It certainly doesn't hurt when you're averaging a Science paper every other year!)

No word on whether the move was precipitated in order to fill a "Nicolaou-sized" hole in the UCSD faculty...

Congrats, Prof. Bertrand! We'll add you to the new map next year.

*I may be the only one entertained by this, but Prof. Bertrand is listed in the UC-San Diego "new faculty" page as "Professor, Above Scale (Distinguished)." Which begs the question, UCSD - show me that scale!


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