Saturday, October 6, 2012

Elemental Beer

It's October, which means falling leaves, football, cider, und Oktoberfest. Cracking open my copy of the latest WIRED Magazine last night, I came face-to-face with a full-page ad for Bud Light Platinum:
Source: Anheuser-Busch
Now, I understand the idea: an expensive noble metal speaks to the supposed quality of this latest beer offering. But it got me thinking - How often do you see element-themed noms de booze?

Let’s examine the obvious first. For the last few NFL seasons, Coors Light has run a promo with a speeding train called “The Silver Bullet.” Care for something else? Maybe some Molsen Golden, or anything from the Coors brewery in Golden, CO. With the help of Google and Beer Advocate, we’ll stray a little farther afield for a few more periodic pints…

Dieu du Ciel Helium, Montreal, Canada

Lithia Beer, West Bend, WI

Mount Carbon Beer, Pottsville, PA

(I know it’s cheating a bit, but how about the nitrogen Guinness rocket / widget?)

Barney Gumble holds a
'Hassium Hefeweizen'
Fuji No Kina Vanadium Beer, Nigata Brewery, Japan

Carling Chrome, Molson Coors UK

Iron City Beer, Pittsburgh, PA

OMB Copper, Mecklenberg, NC

Arsenic, Belgium

Tsingtao Selenium-Riched 8, China

Krypton Rye PA, Victoria, BC, Canada

Tungsten Strong Lager, England

Tin Roof Beer, New Orleans, LA

There’s a brewery in Richland, WA called Atomic Ale, located just down the street from an historical plutonium reactor*. The ambience has apparently rubbed off; their beer roster includes Plutonium Porter, Seaborgium 106 Scottish Ale, Dysprosium DunkelWeisen, and Proton Pale Ale.

Surprisingly, several apt elements seem to have no brew to call their own. Quaff a Rubidium Red? A Lanthanum lambic, or maybe a Germanium Doppelböck? Americium Amber, Indium Pale Ale, Barium Brown…these things just write themselves!

Readers, have I missed any other elemental beers? Have any suggestions for ones you’d like to see?

Update (10/6/12) - How about elemental breweries? Telluride Brewing Co., Element Brewing Co.

*Several folks have commented that I might be grossly oversimplifying the importance of the Hanford site, akin to calling dinosaurs "those prehistoric dragons," or the Super Bowl "the last football game of the season." My apologies; I'll look deeper into it, and plan a follow-up post.


  1. Gage Roads brewery in Western Australia makes an 'Atomic' pale ale. It's quite nice

  2. Cornerstone copper ale by Chocolate city brewing.

  3. Nothing to do with beer, but I can't resist pointing out that Reebok made a shoe called Californium. Any other weird element appearances?

  4. Copperline Amber Ale and Iron Mine Pale Ale from the Ol' North State. It's possible that Iron is actually found in the ores that both mention.

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