Monday, May 28, 2012

From the Vault: Scientific Humor, Shameless Plugs

I've been dying to use this photo.
Source: Nichelle Nichols
Holidays give you a chance to relax and reflect. Here in the States, we set aside time at the end of May to remember those who've served in our armed forces, past and present. Thanks to them, I'm able to bring you this glance back on my official 13-month blogging anniversary. (Well, 2 days late, but who's counting? Wait, you are? Nuts.)

Yes, back on April 26, 2011, Chemjobber was kind enough to lend me a little space to get this whole 'writting 4 de internetz' thing moving along. Over at The Haystack, Car1`men and Lisa didn't balk when I suggested that my first guest post involve Michael Jordan and Back to the Future. Paul didn't mind me poking a little fun at Wender's expense, and somewhere in July 2011, I had the crazy notion to hang out my own shingle.

Fast forward to late May 2012 - what a ride! I've met a bunch of new friends through Twitter and commenting on other blogs. I've been fortunate enough to appear at, and post on, sites I could have only dreamed of a year ago.

But, best of all? It's been a lot of fun!

To parrot the Ig Nobels slogan, I hope to make you laugh, then make you think. CJ and I goofed around with inflated yields in methods papers. When Breslow published his latest origin-of-life tract, it grew new life in the chemblogosphere as #spacedinos. How about art? Off-the-cuff projects included messing around with #arseniclife, pushing drawing memes, stitching together Easter eggs, "rosetta stone" chemical scribbles, and the 'Leaning Tower of Septa.'

'Olympicene,' viewed by STM.
Just in time for London 2012!
Source: IBM Zurich | U. Warwick
Wordplay? We got you covered. How about cute pharma diminutives? Mobile phone games, the Big Pharma Apocalypse, new chemistry portmanteaux, or silly chemical names? I also love finding molecular inspiration out in the wide world, whether it be on gas stations, at concerts, or imposing iron gates. I've even mused about taking this show on the road, once or twice.

I know I promised not to say anything yet, I'm grateful every day that interesting, excited, friendly readers - like you folks - stop by for awhile. I'll keep writing 'em, if you keep coming back.

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