Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Fun - Scientists at Play

Source: Bill Nye, Facebook
I'm constantly amazed at how much interesting, relevant science stuff comes down the Twitter feed. As I've said before, in very short order I've become a total convert. The online community of friends and contacts keeps me motivated, blogging, and perhaps a half-step ahead of many traditional news outlets.

Well, all work and no play makes SeeArrOh a dull boy, so here are a few hand-picked images that have crossed my path in the past few weeks:

1. Bill Nye (who I really need to do a post on!) and Neal deGrasse Tyson, two grizzled vets of science outreach, obviously game for appearing X-Men style for a satirical post-apocalyptic movie poster.

2. In my imagination, all of my colleagues from across the pond - Stu, Freda, B.R.S.M., Neil, TotSyn - dress like this every day for work.
Source: Sony Pictures / Aardman
This shot, from a Sony Pictures promotional site, actually ruffled feathers when the U.S. release team decided to chuck the original title, used for (more science-friendly?) U.K. movie audiences.
Does that animation style seem familiar? Thank Aardman studios, the clay stop-motion filmmakers who've created wonderful characters like running chickens, dashing mice, and, of course...Gromit.

Source: 2012 ACS San Diego
3. Finally, the ACS Mole hams it up with current President Bassam Shakashiri at the 2012 conference in San Diego, proving once again that "Science is Fun!"

I just have to know...who gets to wear the Mole costume? And, where do I sign up???


  1. Where's that Aardman image actualy from? I tried to follow the link but apparently people actually from the UK can't go to the BBC Worldwide site and get sent elsewhere. I've not really been abroad, but isn't that how scientists look everywhere?

    1. No, see, in the States, we all wear jumpsuits patterned with ads, like in NASCAR. Also, football helmets, and sunglasses. It's a rough sci-culture here : )

  2. I agree!! i'm a total twitter convert too! it's keeping me sane and "reasonably" up to date as I write! I'm so glad you've kept blogging!

  3. B.R.S.M. - you might be able to get to the original site by prefixing its address with Google Translate's address. I'd post an example, but my Google phone isn't cooperating at the moment. IIRC, Neuroskeptic (who also posts on BBC Future) provided this tip for we Yankees who couldn't get to that site by the normal route.