Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Close Enough for Chem - Guest Edition

Inspired by ChemBark's WWWTP series, I've asked friends of the blog to send me pictures of chemically-inclined art and logos from the wide world. Today, I bring you two more examples of so-close chemical structures.

Organo-'Catalyst' - This image, from a CT health center, contends that exercise can "catalyze" a better, healthier life. Well, that's a pretty strange-looking catalyst! Instead of your standard Pd or Ni, they've picked something approximating tryptamine. Honestly, the compounds that I think of when I see this structure don't necessarily encourage good health...

The "T" is for Texas Carbon - From a concert-goer in a college town comes this T-shirt (presented here without lifestyle endorsement). The tricyclic core of tetrahydrocannibol, an active component of marijuana, looks mostly OK, but the artist may have been under the influence when he drew that mixed-up hypervalent phenol ring!

Readers, have any more "almost" chemically-inspired photos? Feel free to send them my way!

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