Saturday, August 15, 2015

JLC at ACS Boston Next Week!

Still creepy.
Thanks, Carmen.

Excited as always to learn some new chemistry and stalk the Exhibition Hall at the 2015 ACS Fall Meeting.

I'll live-tweet a bit using the #ACSBoston hashtag. If you see anyone dressed like this (right), be sure to run the other way...

Looking forward to seeing some of you there!

UPDATE (15 Aug): From the shameless self-promotion desk, this request - if you're stalking the poster sessions or oral presentations, and you hear someone say "...and I'm so glad to be a new member of the faculty at Big State University!"

Please take a moment to jot that person's name down, and compare it against our ongoing collection. I'm willing to bet, ACS National Meetings being the social hotbeds they are, that a few faculty moves have slipped under the radar...

UPDATE 2: I hear tell that there's a tweet-up planned for Monday night. More details when I have them (and when I learn if I'm somehow interfering with others' plans!)

UPDATE 3: As announced on the Twitterz, one of my goals for this meeting is to befriend the venerable Professor Molenium, and somehow convince him to pose with me. If you spot the mole, be sure to tweet at me!



  1. It's hard to have any complaints about party places in the Bronx. It's easy to get a drink since they actually keep enough bartenders working at once, and you'll almost always find a place to sit. I love the vibe, the area, the people and the food at this place.