Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fall ACS: Epic Tweet-up

Kudos to all who braved the blinding snow searing heat one-mile walk to Lucky's Lounge last night for the biggest ACS tweet-up on record (at least among the few I've attended!).

Folks I remember dropping by include:
N.B. Please toss me your name in the comments if I've inadvertently left you out!

@Dichtel, fresh off his Kavli lecture success
@SuperScienceGrl, our fierce vegetarian
@stephengdavey, Nature editor
@CrimsonAlkemist, polymers guy in sharp shirt
@DrRubidium, Communicator, Forensicist, superstar
@ChemProfCramer, needs no introduction to this crowd
Jeff Seeman, chemical historian extraordinaire
@curiouswavefn, molecular modeler and chief organizer

A candid shot from inside Lucky's
Names are withheld to protect the innocent.
@sciencegeist, professor and blog stalwart
@Free_Radical1, nice dude from DE
@UnstableIsotope, polymer chemist and sometimes spider-kitten
@gagliardi8, Modeler and fellow Italian
@petercarlton, keeps CAS social media in line. Also, Dungeness crabs.
@CMcCinDC, looks like Derek Lowe. Nice tie!
@Waghornscience, ACS videos star
@laurenkwolf, (also) famous for ACS vids and, y'know, editing, too!
@amandayarnell, (see above). Too popular.
@CHADNANO, Nano-ink Prof at NW
@MurphysLab, polymer defects, live from Canada
@barneygrubbs, the nicest, tallest tweep you'll meet
@JuliaKalow, MIT wunderkind
@katmatcher, another MIT wunderkind who helped vet reactions!
@CEN_Onion, secret secret, I got a secret (and no, he's not me)
@JamesBatteas, TAMU 2D polymer champ
@GriceChemistry, super-nice wrangler of undergrad research group

Thanks to all for a great night out!


  1. @paleymir, one of the folks who helps put out the ACS journals. I actually stumbled here looking for any insight as to if/when a tweet up is likely for San Diego. Thoughts?