Monday, March 4, 2013

(Monday) Fun: Axe Cop Chemophobia?

c. Ethan Nicolle
Somehow, in all the rush to get Blog Syn #003A out the door, I totally missed my chance to post 'Friday Fun' on 3/1!

I may have mentioned (once or twice) my love for Internet comics. Specifically, I tend towards science-y ones, like xkcd or Ph.D. Comics, but for a complete change of pace I turn to Axe Cop.

Not familiar? It's an over-the-top parody about a super-powered policeman, who travels to other planets and meets lots, unique crime fighters. Even better? It's coauthored by a 32-year-old cartoonist Ethan Nicolle and his 8-year-old brother, Malachai.

c. Ethan Nicolle

Now, Axe Cop always runs ridiculous, but one panel from the latest story arc (Axe Cop Gets Married) made me wonder. In the scene, a group of 'scientists' at an 'Atomic Science Lab' (again, written by a kid) are mixing chemicals when something goes horribly awry. The lab explodes, and the survivors mutate into animal-human hybrids.

Ridiculous? Unlikely? Sure. Funny? Of course!

But also a little bit sad - how young do we start to infer that chemical means something bad for you?
(Apparently around 8, I guess)

Happy Friday Monday!


  1. I wish my chemistry was that effective. That'd be a hell of an experimental: "X was added in one portion to a swirled solution of Y at rt. Vigorous reaction immediately led to precipitation of product as rabid, murderous man-beasts. After several panels of hijinks the product was isolated in quantitative yield, but proved unstable.

    1. You know we'd have to check your prep at Blog Syn. How does one isolate "rabid man-beasts?"

    2. @SAH ... rabid man-beasts will only run on TLC if there is a proper baseline drawn

    3. Dangit. Guess I'll never be an Atomic Scientist, then...

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