Thursday, March 28, 2013

Who Gets Hired Where?

Not to steal Chemjobber's thunder, but I can't resist the question: Does anyone know a reliable data set for industrial chemistry hiring?

Taking my cue from Paul's incredibly exhaustive list of 2013 moves and hires in the academic world, I baited Twitter with the question. CJ opined immediately, with an apt football analogy:

Dan weighed in with a tantalizing bon mot:
Is there a massive, unseen data set out there somewhere? [scratches chin, head...]

Straightaway, I can only think of LinkedIn, which suffers from being 1) voluntary, and 2) noisy data. Other sources might include faculty web pages (infrequently updated) or the C&EN Careers page (accurate, but limited). The ACS Employment and Salary Survey could track this, but I don't think it's granular down to the specific position and company. 

Readers: Does anyone know of a better way to collect this data? 

Update: CJ (correctly) points out that 'ACS Career Survey' isn't a real thing. Fixed, thanks!


  1. Crowdsourcing from senior students who are procrastinating on writing their theses?

  2. LinkedIn isn't a bad idea. Even though job change info posting is voluntary, people generally have an incentive to keep it up-to-date. As for the noise of the timeline, the Job Change Notifier might be helpful:

    The catch is that you'll only get job change notifications from your contacts. Just another reason to be selective about who you accept into your network, I suppose.