Monday, June 18, 2012

Trending Up

I've been pleased to see blog traffic picking up in the past few months (Thanks!).

For those unfamiliar, most blog toolkits show graphical representations of hits against time, so you can tell when certain posts gain readership by distinct "blips" on the trendline. The chemblogosphere has coined several punny, tongue-in-cheek epithets for increases that result from specific sites. Here's a few I've heard bandied about:

Reader Submission: Found Chemistry,
Hendersonville, NC
The "Lowe Lift"
The "ChemBark Crush"
The "Chemjobber Jump"
The "Slate Slam"
The "Reddit Rise"
The "Bora Bump"
The "Zimmer Zing"

With my pithy phrasing cap on, may I suggest a few more?

The "Wavefunction Wobble"
The "B.R.S.M. Blast"
The "CENtral Science Cuddle"
The "TotSyn Trifle"

Readers, have I missed any?