Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Houston, We Have 'Level A' Protection

We just wrapped up our annual HAZWOPER training, and I've always bemoaned that it's all Powerpoint and quiz questions, without enough "hands-on" activities. Well, that certainly changed this year!

Although I'm a bit late for Lab PPE Day (this isn't really a lab setting anyway), this was my first time in a Level A suit. Wearing this feels exciting, but mildly disorienting: it's like walking through heavy snow, with both dexterity and visual impairment.

Dressing up this way gives me an even greater appreciation for everything the astronauts are able to accomplish in NASA space suits. Alas, although we tested spill kits, used gas meters, and drilled placards, freeze-dried ice cream was not served.

Stay safe, everyone!


  1. That's pretty cool, dude.

    For the uninitiated, Level A suits are fully self-contained and have their own SCBA.

  2. Looks rather warm, but very protective and safe. Great photo, too.