Thursday, June 7, 2012

Adventures in Lab Supply

Science Fair Supply?
Example 1 - Ever heard of Science Stuff? It's a online store, usually serving the K-8 science fair market with chemistry kits, study guides, and classroom materials. They also sell 20-L solvent cans, filled to the brim with your favorite organic solvents!

I noticed this label (see right) on my 20-L dichloromethane just yesterday. We order our bulk solvents through the usual channels - Fisher, Aldrich, Acros - but these suppliers apparently subcontract to all sorts of interesting vendors. 

Fun fact: the same website sells gift certificates, just in case you'd like to send a loved one some chemicals; Bromoform for birthdays, perhaps chromates for Christmas?

Example 2 - Presented for your approval, our recent shipping papers for an order of fire extinguishers. When I heard this phrase I thought about a ghost, driving without a seatbelt.

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