Thursday, April 16, 2015

Presidential Chemists

From an astute commenter in the 2015-2016 Bumper Cars post, we hear about Prof. Andrew Hamilton's appointment to serve as the next President of New York University (NYU). Congrats!

I'm sure chemblogosphere NYU alums Phil Baran and ChemBark are overjoyed.

Readers, how many chemists now serve as chancellors, provosts, or presidents at academic institutions?

Here's who I know about today - I'll add more as I hear about them in the comments.

Eva Åkesson - Uppsala University
Vicki Colvin - Brown University
David M. Dooley - University of Rhode Island
Marye Anne Fox - UC San Diego
Andrew Hamilton - New York University
Wolfgang Herrmann - TU Munich
Peter Schreiner - Justis Liebig Universitat, Giessen
John D. Simon - Lehigh University
H. Holden Thorp - Washington University in St. Louis
Mark Wrighton - Washington University in St. Louis


  1. Wolfgang Herrman at the TU Munich -

  2. Peter Schreiner in Gießen, Germany is vice president of the University, does that count?

  3. Vicki Colvin is provost at Brown:

  4. Mark Wrighton is chancellor of Washington University St Louis

  5. Eva Åkesson at Uppsala University

  6. Are Mark Wrighton and Holden Thorp the only Chancellor/Provost combo that share a PhD advisor (Harry Gray)?

  7. Hai-Lung Dai - Provost of Temple University

  8. Does Vice Provost for Research count? Rick McCollough:

  9. Peter Scharff - President of TU Ilmenau

  10. Perhaps the most distinguished chemistry professor who ever served in a high administrative position was Jeremy Knowles as Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard.

  11. Sir David King - Chancellor of Liverpool University, UK