Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Fun - Chemical Electronica, CENOnion, Cantrilling

It would surprise no one reading this blog that I'm equally passionate about chemistry and music (see here, here, or here). Thus, I couldn't help but relay this wonderful passage from WIRED about the LinnStrument - a new electronic grid instrument - and its chief enthusiast (highlighting mine):
"By professional standards, Rosengarten is a hack. He’s never had a music lesson in his life. He’s no prodigy either. He’s a 48-year-old chemistry teacher in upstate New York. He can’t read sheet music, and he doesn’t aspire to. Like many people, though, he has a fascination with any new technology that allows him to compose and play songs for fun. In a recent YouTube video, Rosengarten unboxes his LinnStrument and immediately coaxes a decent melody out of it. Like any good teacher, his enthusiasm is genuine and infectious."
Not feeling the good vibrations from this one? Try another of my attempts at humor from C&EN Onion.

Spotted this at a contemporary art museum. Apparently, "cantrilling" has gone mainstream!
Happy Friday,
See Arr Oh 

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