Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Fun - Jobs from the Future

Who wants to help me construct a job description for the brave new world of automated synthesis?
Leave your suggestion in the comments, and I'll modify our advert as needed...

March 13, 2025 - Automated Synthesis Engineer

Our company seeks a motivated individual to work in our growing Automated Synthesis division.

Experience: Qualified candidates should have 5+ years previous experience in chemistry, mechanical engineering, or robosynthesis. Ideally, you'll have completed 10 (or more) previous multi-step total syntheses using 3D-Flow ModuloChem-XLs.

Software: Candidate should feel comfortable using the IBM SynBlox suite for fragment assembly, exploring GDB-23 for potential lead molecules, and assessing synthetic feasibility using the OPRD Engyn iPhone 9 app.

Special skills: Our synthesizers often require adjustments, thus experience in a trade - plumbing, welding, electrical - would be highly valued. Candidates interested in creating holographic "how-to" vidlets especially encouraged to apply.

Source: Burke Lab historical archives


  1. Hmm, perhaps a foretaste of real life for chemists in a few years?

  2. Unemployed Chemist of the FutureMarch 15, 2015 9:17 AM

    If I had trade experience, why would I be doing this?

  3. This is so, like, yesterday. My cocktail mixer has its app control panel on my watch.
    It matches alcohol content with my heartbeat, and tracks up to 3 flavors with NIR.

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