Monday, March 2, 2015

Acc. Chem. Res. = Suddenly Cool Again

Accounts of Chemical Research - located at the "left of your ACS radio dial"- may be as unloved as the random college radio stations one finds there. Yet it somehow seems to be catching fire with the chemistry "It" crowd.'s on the left!
I'd heard plenty of knocks back in grad school: "Self-reviews." "Citation fluffing." But, know what? I can't help but want to read most of these recent papers.

Take the upcoming Special Issue organized by Paul Wender. Entitled "Synthesis, Design and Molecular Function," it offers plenty of pizzazz. There's...

I'm sure more will find their way onto the ASAPs, but this is an illustrious way to start the next issue.
Bravo, editors!


  1. There's gotta be a hipster joke to be made in here somewhere.

  2. Barry Trost mutters (in the voice Milton from Office Space): "The ratio of [authors] to cake is too big."