Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WWWTP? Travel Edition

JLC hit the road a few weeks back, and collected a bit of chemical mayhem along the way!

First, a follow-on to a strange beauty products ad used by Kiehl's. First noticed by ChemBark and Stu Cantrill, I've now managed to find the full structure in (photonegative?) a completely different airport:

I'm willing to take bets on what readers think Kiehl's might be trying to draw; I don't have access to SciFinder until tomorrow morning. First blush? Looks like a strange, mangled version of digoxigenin, which I certainly wouldn't want in my face creams!

Second, a comparison of two toothpastes: one manufactured in the ol' US of A, and the other in Thailand. Same brand. Notice anything different?

Different fluoride sources! I hadn't realized that the FDA allows MFP, or even stannous fluoride, in place of sodium fluoride in toothpaste. Huh.

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