Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Elemental Roll-Call

Inspired by posts from JessTheChemist and the esteemed Dr. Lowe, I've tallied mine below.
(N.B. I came up in an organometallic lab where we made many precursors from scratch...)

Hydrogen (obvious)
Helium (carrier gas)
Lithium (Li-Hal exchange)
Carbon (Darco)
Oxygen (ozonolysis)
Aluminum (form'n Friedel Crafts salts)
Sulfur (mercury spills)
Chlorine (oxidant)
Potassium (N-K form'n)
Manganese (reductant)
Iron (reductant)
Nickel (Ra nickel)
Copper (forming amalgams)
Zinc (organozincs, reductant)
Bromine (distilled, even...yuck!)
Palladium (hydrogenation, salts)
Silver (foil, to make salts)
Indium (reductant)
Cerium (cross-coupling...failed)
Samarium (to make SmI2)
Platinum (hydrogenation, catalysts)
Gold (dissolve in aqua regia)
Mercury (old pressure eqpt)

So, I count 28. Pitiful against 118, but a varied lot nonetheless.

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