Monday, March 19, 2012

Journals I Never Knew Existed - Clocks, Bones, and Trees

Every so often, when you're looking up references for paper boilerplate or to flesh out a new post, you come across journals in other fields you've never heard about before. Bonus if they have fun or informative logos, or catchy titles.

While scribbling the last few posts, I encountered all sorts of new-to-me skeletal tissue and circadian rhythm journals. First, there's BONE, which leaves absolutely no doubt in the reader's mind what topic it will cover! This journal springs from the International Bone and Mineral Society (IBMS), whose logo possibly evokes the fine, spongy structure of the skeleton. 

Next, there's the International Osteoporosis Foundation, in operation since 1987. This has to be the first logo I've seen to both evoke exuberance, and yet somehow look just like a fractured rib. (just me?)

On the biorhythms side, there's the open-access Journal of Circadian Rhythms; I get it, with the clock and all, how meta.

Last but not least (OK, not actually a journal...), we have the Juniper Pollination Project, run out of the US Nat'l Phenology (we're not phrenology!) Network. Quite honestly, I think the art is pretty catchy, with the stately juniper and its giant, globular pollen. But the kooky, fun part has to be the satellite, complete with "zoom!" lines, soaring high overhead.

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  1. Juniper pollen causes violent allergic reactions, quaintly called "cedar fever" in Central Texas. The cold temperatures that end pollination in goldenrod and ragweed trigger it in juniper.