Saturday, June 14, 2014

JLC at ACS San Francisco this August!

Costume Craze | Sent by Carmen Drahl
I've finally booked the tickets! 
Excited to attend my first ACS Meeting in a looong while.

I'll try to tweet updates from a few of the sessions using the #ACSSanFran hashtag. 

Look for me in the crowds! 
(see registration photo at right)


  1. I look forward to trying to find you in the tens of thousands of people! I will be at the conference all week and tweeting away as well.

    (Shameless plug: Come by the organometallic catalysis session Wed morning, I will be co-presiding and there are talks lined up from grad students and postdocs covering a wide variety of catalysis: catalytic oxidation, catalytic reduction, cross-coupling, polymerization, etc!).

  2. I'm probably going to be there so hope we can meet up. Another shameless plug - I will be talking about text analytics to try and get better understanding of the patent landscape using Attivio and Spotfire. A session in ChemInf