Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Fun: Posters

Two regular readers have sent in chem-themed posters from different ends of the U.S.A.

First, from Lockheed Martin, comes this educational reminder:

Not unless he wears safety gloves, he won't!

Then this advertisement for Harvard Summer school, seen on mass transit:

Psst! We just tell 'em it's a lot easier in the summer...

Happy Friday,
See Arr Oh


  1. From someone who taught that summer orgo course, its about half college students, half post-bacs. Most of the college students are either non-traditional premed majors who would struggle to fit orgo into their schedules during the school year, or students from other colleges who want to take a class at Harvard/live in Boston for a summer. Surprisingly good (still difficult) course.

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