Sunday, March 16, 2014

WWWTP? Dallas ACS Edition

Update: 3/17 - More photos from the #ACSDallas informant clearly show the mangled chemistry on both the Exposition banner and some promotional backings from the Chemglass booth. Though I understand what my commenters have remarked upon as "artistic license," I cannot believe that ACS supports glaringly wrong structures adorning their conference walls. 

Standards matter.

Exposition Hall Arch
Chemglass booth

From a contact inside the 2014 ACS Spring Meeting comes this picture, purportedly from the archway leading into the Exposition Hall.

Now, before I start jumping into lectures about Texas* Carbons, non-planar aromatics, and the like, could someone out there corroborate?

Once a few comments confirm or deny, I'll commence gently scolding.

*Get it? 


  1. Artists produce non-reality art all of the time. It is not a big deal - it's just artistic license.

    1. If you want to produce some inspired-by-chemistry artwork, then crack on, and reality be damned.

      However, if it's for a prestigious chemistry meeting, get it checked by a chemist.

  2. I'm at the meeting and yes this is on the archway to the expo hall

  3. Texas carbons have nothing on Texas hydrogens.

  4. If whoever made those images was a student in my class, they would lose a point per error.

  5. Perhaps you should contact ACS Meetings & Expositions and offer to volunteer as a consultant for the design process. I'm sure that offer would be well received.

  6. A bummer with the carboxylic acid double bond shift to C(OH)=H... But the "elliptical bump trap" for rotovap on display from Chemglassis first rate - we use it with large flasks (2 to 5 liters) on normal Buchi rotovap. It is short and sturdy, and costs the same as a normal bump trap - We call it UFO trap in our lab and it is in constant demand...

  7. Just saw a presentation at my institution, from a higher ed company, and they had a Texas carbon on all their slides. Part of their artsy background.

  8. Texas hydrogen = unnatural gas?

  9. At least it wasn't a nitrogenase carbon.