Monday, March 24, 2014


While catching up on my old issues of C&EN, I happened across this ad on p. 24 of the March 10 issue:

At the risk of sounding insensitive, can someone please tell me what "the Elements Science" means?!? 

Perhaps some editorial help next time? Tamao's world-famous named reaction and many contributions to synthetic chemistry deserve better. I especially love his anti-chemophobia stance on this profile page at Kyoto U:
"It saddens Prof. Tamao that in recent years people have begun to associate negative images such as environmental pollution with the word ..."chemicals" ...He wishes the benefits of chemistry were more widely known. He points out that organic silicon compounds, his field of specialization, are chemicals that play a very familiar role in our lives. We are in contact with them every day without realizing it, in forms ranging from cosmetics to electronics. "When a new organic compound is created the most amazing things become possible, one after another," says Prof. Tamao. As he laughs impishly, it seems as if a flame of creative energy more powerful than the magic spell of the most brilliant wizard is quietly burning behind his eyeglasses."


  1. We are heroes for resisting Zero Wing jokes.

  2. The "elements science" is none other than *chemistry*, silly.

  3. Perhaps this is a poor translation of main group chemistry (main group elements science)