Tuesday, January 28, 2014

WWWTP? Goes to the Movies

Source: Samuel Goldwyn Pictures
Better Living Through Chemistry, an upcoming indie film, has garnered a bit of buzz for its all-star cast (Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell, Ray Liotta, Jane Fonda) and its somewhat unconventional focus: the leading man plays a drug-addled pharmacist. Apparently, in a post-Breaking Bad world, we chemists can claim top billing only when we're busily breaking the law.

I'm sure that the title alone causes old DuPont ad execs to roll over in their marbled graves.

For you chemists in the audience, there's yet a better treat. Check out the promo poster (right). Credit, I suppose, goes to some graphical artist at Samuel Goldwyn for sticking the actors' faces inside modified Haworth projections, and for attempting to use wedges and dashed lines to lend some stereochemical flavor.

But yikes, the doodles! There's random "CH2" and "N2O" groups hanging out in space, a scrawled-out "atom" with a heart as a valence electron (cute), and even some sort of equation at the bottom, in which, apparently, (CH2 + CH3) / (CH2 + CH3) = LOVE.

The tagline for this wild pharmaceutical romp?
"Happiness Has No Formula."

Grab your popcorn, kids.

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  1. Happiness Has No Formula: Sounds like a sequel to Gattaca. There is no gene for the human spirit!