Friday, January 24, 2014

Ladies, Gentlemen, Children of All Ages!

My "gray area" of pseudo-employment has finally ended: I've accepted an offer!

Metaphoric? Literal?

Look forward to new posts starting next week.

Thanks to all my regular readers for your job leads, pep talks, and kind words of encouragement.

See Arr Oh


  1. May your current new employer be better than the last one. Or, if not, at least be better than the next one

  2. Congratulations. The area in the picture looks pretty, but I hope its middle-of-nowhere aspect is not literal or metaphorical.

  3. Wha-hoo!

    will you be sharing some numbers with us? number of applications, number of interviews etc? (not salary, ….although if you do feel like sharing perhaps percent of salary expectations?……)

  4. It's funny how excited I am for someone I don't know and will probably never meet. But a very hearty congratulations!