Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Wish...

...that I could make complex science sound simple like Deborah Blum or Carl Zimmer.

...that I could write confidently, yet personably, like Stu Cantrill or Derek Lowe.

When you wish upon a blog...
...that I could mine data and use it to better support my statements and defend against trolls like Chemjobber (can).*

...that I could scribe long-form drafts with overarching structure like Ash or Vinylogous.

...that I could come at subjects with passion and fire like ScienceGeist, Dr. Rubidium, or Paul.

...that I could organize like Bora.

...that my writing sounded 'fresh' and exciting like Carmen or BRSM.

*Update: CJ is not a troll. Poor sentence structure. I blame my second-grad grammar teacher.


  1. You're not an impostor, dude. You're an excellent chemblogger.

  2. I wish I had a job, like See Arr Oh....

  3. Also, thank you for the kind compliment on making data-supported statements. It's helpful positive reinforcement.

  4. It's posts like this that enable me to find other excellent chem/science blogs... Thanks SAO

  5. Replies
    1. Naturally. (If you're UCLA, you probably think so.)

    2. C'mon Jabber, you're no troll. You do tend to use 'terribly' a bit too much, however...