Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Podcast: CJ and SAO Talk Plagiarism

After the latest Xi Yan / Dalton story broke, Chemjobber was gracious enough to sit down with me to hash out our feelings about plagiarism, peer review, and what we hoped might happen when the next batch of purloined text comes around.


0:02 - Introduction
0:56 - You say "incensed," I say "attracted"
2:29 - Bogus!
3:09 - CJ steals my Great Idea
3:40 - Playing 'Editor' with SAO
5:32 - Is it true? Is it new?
7:01 - Entering the 'gray area'
8:12 - Azaspiracids: Three papers, three different intros
9:30 - Doris Kearns Goodwin
10:44 - Please don't copy word-for-word!
12:23 - Being an Asst. Professor is hard
13:55 - We need a cultural context guidebook...
15:05 - World Science - Impact Factor 35.0
16:20 - Language / Science Barriers
18:09 - Peer Review - Get 'em while they're young!
19:57 - $$ Entrepreneurial Idea! $$
21:33 - How much time do you spend reviewing?
22:45 - CJ's Dangerous Game
23:07 - Conclusions

24:32 - Bonus track

Thanks, as always, to CJ for some stimulating conversation!

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  1. would like to bring to your attention a recent report ( that identifies instances of plagiarism in the work of Dr. Ziwei Huang, Director of Upstate Cancer Institute and Chairman of Pharmacology Department at Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, New York. As is reported (, one of Dr. Ziwei Huang's publication in Current Opinion in Chemical Biology "appears to have plagiarized from at least 8 different publications and a course material." It remains unclear whether upstate Medical University has taken any action and/or the editors of the journal know about the plagiarism.