Monday, August 6, 2012

Fake Headlines: Curiosity Lander

At about 10:31 PDT, the newest lander, Curiosity, landed on the surface of Mars. Here's a few bon mots, partially culled from Twitter and the JPL livestream (also, try the Mission home page).
Source: Xeni Jardin | iO9 | JPL
1. Ironically, Curiosity first landed in a giant Martian ocean.

2. Senior rovers Spirit and Opportunity were waiting on the surface with party snacks and a banner.

3. The very first image Curiosity took, before the grainy wheel shot, showed some little green men sitting under a black obelisk.

4. Also sighted: a blue Police Box.

5. "Seven Minutes of Terror!" roller coaster underway at Disney World.

6. Next potential rover name: Marvin.

Why, yes, I am!
Source: JPL | NASA
For more (real) Curiosity updates, stay tuned to @MarsCuriosity on Twitter.


  1. If I heard "7 Minutes Of Terror"! one more time on the radio, I was going to stab someone.

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