Thursday, February 9, 2012

Knights of the Periodic Table

Last night, while reading through the Feb. 6 issue of C&EN, I found myself terribly amused by the inside back cover. The ad, for ACS journal Organometallics (*now under new management!), encouraged readers to check out their 2011 Roundtable. This panel of distinguished chemists met together last year to opine on issues ranging from new research frontiers and publication strategies to the role of basic research in developing new industrial reactions. 

A hand-drawn cartoon, purportedly of chemists in concilium adorns the article. Clearly, the artist intends for this to be modern-day: laptop computers, desk chairs, and a multinational group discuss science with rapt attention.

But the picture I found so funny wasn't this one, but instead the magazine cartoon, which re-imagined the same meeting as if the chemists were members of King Arthur's court. Which got me to thinking - I've dabbled a bit in catalysis and complexes, so who would I want on my round table?

I've taken the liberty of labeling the photo with my potential knights. Readers, with whom would you want to ride into battle discuss organometallic chemistry?

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  1. Christina White. Also Bercaw. Ride into battle with none of them. Except maybe the young ones because by riding into battle assumes doing real reactions and Bercaw hasn't seem a fume hood in 30 years probably. Discuss, that's a whole other story. Those two I'd ask about problems I'm having.

    Throwing out ideas to someone who'll listen to me and won't make fun of me and will probably suggest something good... I'd go with Toste or Sanford.