Sunday, February 5, 2012

ESPN Anchormen - Secret Chemists?

Just in time for Super Bowl 46 (XLVI, for those playing in ancient Rome), The New York Times recently published a humorous collage of ESPN sportscasters' cliches over the past six months of NFL coverage. One tract specifically caught my eye:

"Ray Rice, dynamite running back — he's literally the catalyst for this Ravens offense."

Ray Rice: The Grubbs II of the Ravens' offense
Wow, two chemical terms in the same sentence! I understand, then, that Ray Rice, in addition to being a nitroglycerin-soaked fiber cylinder with a blasting cap, can also reduce kinetic barriers (tackles?) to fundamental reaction steps (gaining touchdowns, no doubt). 

I can see the similarity, if I look hard enough. After all, both football and chemistry research share collisions, (grid)iron, receivers, and a love of all things statistic

Just don't compare high "turnover numbers" (TON)...the NFL doesn't look as kindly on those as scientists do!

Enjoy the big game, everyone. Go Pats!


  1. So, what does that make the Ravens' kicker? :)

  2. ...out of a job. And perhaps a poison, like pyridine or something. Mixed metaphor, maybe!