Sunday, November 29, 2015

xkcd Quiz in the New Yorker

Source: Randall Munroe, for the New Yorker
If you haven't taken Randall Munroe's Thing Explainer quiz in the New Yorker, click on over for 5 minutes of fun.

I'm sure anyone reading this blog'll get a perfect score, but it's an interesting approach to scientific outreach all the same.

Click here to try your luck!


  1. So the atomic bomb diagram was not demonstrating 'fusion' (hydrogen) but rather just the part where they slam transuranic elements together. Since both plutonium and uranium were both used as fission sources, how was one to decide?

    1. My exact critique. I ended my first round going 9/10 : (

    2. Glad i wasn't alone on that! (eye-rolling emoticon)

    3. I missed that one and the last one (didn't know if it was Einstein or Mendeleev).

      I got that the bomb one was talking about fission, but I think I assumed they were talking about a compression device (which was plutonium) and not the gun barrel device (which was uranium, I think), but the compression one could have been drawn differently, I guess (O ---> o ----> BOOM). Oh well.